Our Whole School Art Exhibition Blog

Published: Tuesday, 13 December 2016

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Our Whole School Art Exhibition Blog

We were delighted to see so many visitors at our second Art Exhibition on Thursday 1st December 2016. We would like to thank you for taking the time to fill in our Art Exhibition Parent Questionnaires. It was wonderful to read your comments in praise of the event and the children’s outstanding artwork. We also very much appreciate your comments about how things could improve next year, and will most definitely look to increase entry points to different parts of the school, to avoid congestion at the start of the Art Exhibition.

Below, please find blogs from each year group:

Rainbow Class:

The Rainbow Class have been looking at food; those we like and those we do not like so much. The children investigated, to find out where our food is grown, and discovered that a lot is grown in other countries rather than Great Britain. Our artwork was based around the fruit bowl that sits in most kitchens. The children sketched, coloured, printed and collaged to create a ‘still life’ picture of a bowl full of fruit, also taking the opportunity to taste some fruits that they would not normally choose to eat. The Art Exhibition was a fantastic opportunity to share the children’s work and to catch up with children and parents of all year groups, as they looked around the school.

Year One:

Wow, what a fabulous time Year One had at the Art Exhibition. The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing their Autumnal artwork with their family members, teaching them about the primary colours and secondary colours. It was wonderful to hear the children explaining how we had changed the ‘tint’ and ‘tone’ of certain colours to create our Autumn hedgehogs and tree paintings.

Year Two:

In Year Two, the classrooms were buzzing with excited children presenting their 'Rainforest' Art to their families. They were proud to discuss and show the Art skills we have learnt, including weaving, tie-dye, watercolour painting, plaiting and pointillism. It was great to see so many visitors enjoying their trip through the 'Rainforest corridor', which we created as a whole year group.

Year Three:

In Year Three this term, we have been learning all about Ancient Egypt. The children worked extremely hard to produce high-quality artwork, which was based on the theme of Ancient Egypt. The wonderful work produced included; water colour sunset landscapes, clay bead, Egyptian cuffs, mummies, a whole class Sarcophagus, and each child wrote their name in Hieroglyphics. Some of the children even challenged their families to write their names at the Art Exhibition! Overall, the children thoroughly enjoyed our Ancient Egypt Project and this was truly reflected in all of the artwork which they created.


Year Four:

Year Four worked extremely hard preparing for the Art Exhibition. Our project for the term was The Romans, which meant that all of our artwork centred on this theme. The final pieces of work included: Roman shields; printed mosaics: clay busts; as well as a number of different sketches. All of the children produced some fantastic work and they showed a great amount of pride, when showing their families around the exhibition. We hope all the parents enjoyed seeing some of their children’s fantastic work.

Year Five:

In Year Five, it was fantastic to welcome so many visitors in to see our groovy Greek Art work! The classroom was filled with excitement, as the children showed off their sketches, Trojan horses, sculptures and clay pots- extremely Greek indeed! 

Year Six:

During the Autumn term, we have been busily creating Art Exhibits related to our Project on China. We started by looking at the Terracotta Warriors and Army from Xian. We sketched our own warriors, using different shades and analysed the position of light on our page, to indicate darker and lighter elements. Afterwards, we used clay to bring our sketches to life. We then used a mixture of primary, secondary and tertiary colours to paint our warriors.

We then moved onto learning the Willow Pattern Story and planning our own interpretations in our Sketch Books. This proved to be an exciting activity, and the children thoroughly enjoyed sketching and designing their plates. The children transferred their designs, carefully, onto their own ceramic plates.

Finally, we took a famous symbol related to China, the Chinese dragon, and created our own watercolour pictures. We created a yellow wash on cartridge paper, before designing our dragons in our Sketch Books. We then brought our dragons to life, through careful drawing and the use of a rich variety of colours.

Having worked hard to finish our artwork, we then presented it at the Art Exhibition. The exhibition proved to be a real success, and the children thoroughly enjoyed sharing all of their artistic flair with the visitors. Furthermore, it was delightful to see the children share the process of their hard work whilst using displays, photos, books, class room aids, projects boards and information sheets to develop their detailed responses to families. 

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