World Book Day a huge success!

Published: Tuesday, 15 March 2016

World Book Day a huge success!

On Thursday 3rd March, Place Farm Academy became Hogwarts for the day and what an amazing time we all had!

We began our day with an assembly taken by Professor Trelawny (aka me!).  She introduced herself to the children as the Teacher of Divination and exclaimed how much she enjoyed reading tea leaves!  The children found this extremely funny!  Professor Trelawny then went on to read the tea leaves from a cup which she had taken from breakfast that very morning.  She sensed that Harry Potter had used it, to which a foundation child, dressed as Harry Potter shouted excitedly;“ I’m Harry Potter, I’m Harry Potter!” 


As she begun to read Harry’s future, a darkness fell upon the hall and Professor Trelawny’s mood changed!  The tea cup she was holding shook precariously in her hands.  She sensed that there was a darkness, a forever darkness and something was very wrong!  With this, Hermoine (aka Miss Jarvis) and Harry Potter (aka Mr Mayes) burst into the hall exclaiming that Voldemort had risen again and had hidden five Horcrux stones in five different book titles.  Hermoine said that to defeat Voldemort once and for all, the book titles must be identified, and she asked what they should do.  Professor Trelwany looked around the Hall at the Place Farm children (aka book characters), and said earnestly:

“I sense a strong aura in this room, these children have strong auras!  They can help us find the Horcrux stones, they can help us defeat Voldemort once and for all!  Can you help us children? Can we do it together?”

The response was deafening!  “Yes we can!”

“Can we defeat Voldemort?”

An even louder:

“Yes we can!”

The atmosphere was electric and even the Year 6 children embraced the whole concept of the day!  Each class used the morning to work on riddles that I set for them, in an attempt to discover the book titles that the five Horcrux stones were hidden in.  The children’s enthusiasm was lovely to see and some Year 5 children even created their own riddles!

At different times of the day, the older children visited the younger pupils to share their favourite books.  This was a huge success and everyone really enjoyed taking part.

Once the completed challenge sheets were collected in, a raffle was drawn and five children were lucky enough to visit Haverhill Library with me on Friday 11th March.  We were joined by 5 children from Samuel Ward and 3 children from Castle Manor where we had a wonderful time creating our very own robots and learning card tricks!  It was wonderful to see the different aged children work so well together and watch the three different schools join as one unit.  The staff at the Library, were fantastic and exclaimed how impressed they were with all of the children’s behaviour. 

It really was a huge success, both on World Book Day and the celebration event at the Library. 

Thank you to everyone for embracing this event so enthusiastically!

Mrs Thompson