Accelerated Reader news

Published: Wednesday, 17 January 2018


Accelerated Reader News

I hope that everyone had a fun, but restful Christmas. I cannot quite believe how quickly it has come and gone!

So, here we are in a fresh new year, with a full week of school already complete.

First of all, I would like to apologise that the second-hand book sale did not go ahead on Friday 15th December. We were keeping a watchful eye on the weather all day, and decided right at the last minute that it was too unpredictable and we did not want to run the risk of the books being damaged in the rain. Keep an eye out in the very near future for a new date. We will aim to hold it in the Hall to avoid any interruption from the weather!

So, down to business! The children have fallen straight back into the routine of Accelerated Reader as if they have never been away! They all completed their Star Reader Assessments just before Christmas which has given them their new ZPD levels, and they are raring to go!

The children love to keep a watchful eye over the results board that I have created in the Library. To reward their hard work, I have finally managed to finish the Accelerated Reader trophies (I did the wood burning, but a big thank you to Mr Thompson for actually making the trophies).

Each Friday in Celebration Assembly, the class with the ‘Highest Word Count’ for the previous week, and the class with the ‘Highest Percentage of Quizzes Passed’ for the previous week, will each receive the respective trophy.

Last Friday saw our first ever presentation of these awards, and, to mark this occasion, we used the results from the whole of last term to recognise the class achievements for the word count and quizzes passed.

During the assembly, I reminded the children that to pass the quizzes it is important that they have understood what they have read in their book. They may be able to read lots of words which is brilliant, but do they really understand what they have read? I emphasised that the more quizzes they pass, the more their word count will be, and both will contribute to them improving their ZPD, which they are all keen to do!

2LM were the Quiz Champions for last term and were actually top of the chalk board display nearly every week from the beginning of September until Christmas! So they were the first class to receive our new trophy.

5DG received the Word Count Champions trophy for reading a massive total of 2,334,409 words from September to December.

A huge well done to both classes and to everyone for their hard work last term!

The chalkboards are now eagerly awaiting their new figures from last week’s results. Who will be the class champions this Friday?

We are currently working on an individual certification scheme, which will hopefully be introduced by the end of this term. Keep a lookout for more information on this over the coming weeks.

A belated Happy New Year to everyone!

Mrs Thompson