This week, our 'Snappy Opera' journey continued, with the team finalising the opera with some of our Year Four, Five and Six children. From our first session in September, where we devised many lyrics, story ideas and songs, it was fantastic to hear the children's ideas in the final piece. Throughout the day, the children learned some of the songs and created some movement for them. 


The opera which has been devised by our children, will now be distributed to other schools across the country, for them to rehearse for the final performances in March. We are excited for the upcoming months, where we will also be rehearsing for the final performance, which will take place on Tuesday 28th March, at 'The Apex', in Bury St Edmunds.


On Wednesday 28th September, Mahogany Opera group visited our Academy to work with 30 children from years four to six. 

Our Academy has been selected out of all the primary schools in Suffolk to take part in the ‘Snappy Opera’ project, with the aim of writing a children’s ten minute opera to be performed next year across the region.

The group worked with the children all day to develop ideas and began to create lyrics and music for the opera. 

The visitors were extremely impressed with our children's behaviour, manners, confidence, collaboration skills and imagination. We are really proud of our children!

This is an exciting and wonderful opportunity for our Academy and we look forward to updating you on our journey.