At Place Farm Primary Academy, our curriculum has been specifically designed to embed our PROUD core values: to build professionalism; resilience; optimism; understanding and drive. The PROUD curriculum encompasses both what the children learn in the classroom, and the opportunities and experiences they cover as part of their wider school encounters. Our personalised PROUD curriculum aims to raise standards, build character and inspire a love of learning for all children.

Each class has daily English and Maths lessons that teach the fundamental skills and concepts to support all aspects of our PROUD curriculum and daily life. For more information, please see the English and Mathematics Mastery Curriculum tabs.  

At Place Farm Primary Academy, children are encouraged to work scientifically across the curriculum, from the beginning of their learning journey. In EYFS, the children become explorers as part of ‘Welly Wednesday’ sessions every week. Across the school, the children have the opportunity to engage with stimulating experiments and resources to develop their scientific understanding.                                                                                                                                                                                    

The Foundation subjects (Art & Design, Computing, Design & Technology, Geography, History, Music, Religious Education, Physical Education, Modern Foreign Languages) are structured around a termly performance opportunity, which drive the learning. This ensures that the learning is purposeful, robust and personalised. We look forward to welcoming you to some of our performances!

At Place Farm Primary Academy, we are fortunate to have a specialist French teacher work with our Key Stage Two children on a weekly basis.

During the children’s time at Place Farm Primary Academy, they have the opportunity to learn to play a variety of musical instruments during their Music lessons, including the keyboard, the drums and the violin.

Please explore our ‘Photo Gallery’ to see the PROUD curriculum in action!

Place Farm Primary Academy values the opportunity for wider learner experiences, and is committed to providing at least one trip for each year group, which is matched to their curriculum.

By clicking on each year group below, you can see the long-term curriculum map which identifies the key objectives to be mastered for that year group. It also indicates which term these objectives should be covered, however staff have ownership over when they are taught in the term.

  Year 1 Curriculum

  Year 2 Curriculum

  Year 3 Curriculum

  Year 4 Curriculum

  Year 5 Curriculum

  Year 6 Curriculum