Foundation - November 2017


The children have come back to school after half term beaming with confidence. They have all remembered the daily routines and approach all areas of learning with enthusiasm!

Phonics is now embedded throughout the day and the children enjoy taking part in our daily Phonics Sessions. ‘Wicked Word’ books have now been sent home, and we hope that you continue to support your child with both their sounds and their words.

The children also take part in our daily Maths Meetings. They all enjoy Maths challenges. We are working on numbers 0-10 and 10-20 and also the concepts of ‘more than’ and ‘less than’. Please support your child at home by using Mathematical language; pointing out numbers in the supermarket, asking them to help you to lay the table, and spotting shapes in the environment. There are so many ways that you can support your child at home and we do appreciate this. J

Our wood workstation has proved to be a huge success. The children are planning their designs, writing their names on the sign-up board and then making their designs with the various materials that are on offer. All of the children were introduced to the woodwork station; we spoke about the tools, how they should be used and together decided on the safety rules that everyone needed to remember! It has been lovely to see such imaginative creations, and the dedication and perseverance that the children have shown when constructing their designs.

As you can imagine, we do get through lots of wood and bottle tops. We would therefore be very grateful for any donations. This will enable the children to continue accessing the woodwork station on a daily basis.

Many thanks The Foundation Team J





What a great start to the academic year!!

It has been lovely to see all of the children in Foundation settle so well into Place Farm Primary Academy. They have had a busy few weeks, exploring the environment, making new friendships, as well as learning the daily routines.

The children are becoming more confident at lunch time, making choices, chatting to friends and using a knife and fork independently.

The outdoor learning environment is very popular, making potions and mixtures in the mud kitchen and problem solving with the large crates and planks. Some fantastic learning and conversations are taking place, which is really lovely to see.

We are looking forward to seeing many parents at our Phonics Share session in a couple of weeks.