Summer term

What a fantastic start to the term! Percy the Park Keeper sent us a letter and with the letter gave us some ‘Eggs.’ After a day the eggs started hatching and the children were able to watch the chicks hatch out of their shell and take their first steps!

We have had so much fun. Eleven eggs hatched and now the chicks are developing wings and they are nearly ready to go back to the farm!

The children have been involved in lots of learning opportunities too. They have thought of names for each chick, they have seen them grow and we have discussed life cycles. They have also helped care for the chicks: feed them and hold them. The children’s confidence has progressed, as some children were a little unsure to begin with and now they love holding them. The conversations the children have had with each other have been wonderful to hear.


We are also looking forward to continuing the ‘animal’ theme through this half term. The children are very excited about our trip to the Farm and so are we!