Wow! What a busy first term we have had in Year One. The children have achieved and learnt so much already during their first term as Year One pupils. Some of the highlights have been The Art Exhibition and the Foundation & Year One Nativity, in which the children worked so very hard. We hope that you all had a well-deserved rest over the Christmas break and are ready for another busy and exciting term.


Our project for this term is ‘Where The Wild Things Are’. The children will become familiar with the story and will complete lots of work linked to this. In Science, we will be looking closely at animals and categorising them, as well as different types of plants and trees, and their structure. In Geography, we will be exploring the different features and land around us. We look forward to inviting you to an Assembly at the end of this half term, where the children will proudly present all of the hard work that they will have done.


Like last term, we will be sending home spellings, on Mondays, including the digraphs that the children will be learning that week. We want to thank you for your continuous support in helping your children to practise these ready for their spelling test on Fridays. As your children progress onto Phase Five phonics, we will be issuing Phase Five Sound Books. Once the children have learnt a new digraph, we will put it into the sound book to help the children to recognise, read and apply their newly learnt sounds. This also allows you as parents, to have a greater understanding of the sounds that your children are currently working on.

Big Write

We will continue with Big Writes every other Monday, with the Talk homework sent home on a Friday. We thank you for your support in helping your children to plan and come up with fantastic ideas to include in their writing. Both Miss Jolland and Miss MacPhail are really starting to see significant progress in the children’s writing, as they are beginning to apply all of the new things that they have recently been taught.

Maths Mastery

After a term of daily Maths Mastery lessons, the children have gained a good understanding of the six part lessons, the structure and how to use the resources effectively to enhance their learning. During this half term, we will be moving onto these units; Addition and Subtraction within 20 and Exploring ‘Time’. Thank you to all of you that have signed up to Maths with Parents: please continue to use this as a way of consolidating and supporting your children at home with what they have been learning at school.

Please can we remind you to read our Whiteboard outside of the Year One area for any updates and notices.  If you ever have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Miss Jolland and Miss MacPhail


Welcome to Year One!

What a fantastic first few weeks we have had! We are extremely impressed with the successful transition from Foundation to Year One, which has enabled such achievement already this term.

Fantastic Phonics

We are amazed with the children’s enthusiasm in their Phonics sessions this half term and it has been wonderful to see the children using their newly learnt digraphs and trigraphs in their reading and writing. The spellings which are sent home on a Monday consist of words which contain the new digraphs that they will be learning throughout the week. Thank you for supporting your children in practising their spellings over the week, preparing them for their tests on Fridays.

Brilliant Big Write

Now that the children are in Year One, every other Monday they will participate in a whole school ‘Big Write’. Our first Big Write took place on Monday 25th September. We will send home the ‘Talk Homework’ on a Friday, where we encourage you to discuss ideas with your children in preparation for their ‘Big Write’ on the Monday. We are really looking forward to reading the children’s Big Writes and seeing their writing progress over the term.

Maths Mastery 

Both Miss Jolland and Miss MacPhail have been blown away by the positivity that the children have displayed towards their Maths Mastery lessons so far this half term. The children have embraced speaking in full sentences, working with their talk partners to solve problems and they have also shown the ability to work independently on given tasks. Our first two units in Maths this half term are working with numbers within 10, involving number bonds, halving, doubling, adding and subtracting. We are very excited to be piloting the ‘Maths with Parents’ scheme, allowing you to support and consolidate the Maths learned within school, at home too.

The World Around Me…

Our Project for this term is ‘The World Around Me’. During Project, we have been able to really get to know the children through discussions about their individual features and their self–portrait paintings. The children have also been busy learning about the compass points and their surrounding area in Geography. In the upcoming weeks, we will start to look at different materials and their properties, the basic structure of plants and flowers and also begin to devise our own maps.

Cursive Handwriting

At Place Farm, we have recently introduced ‘Cursive’ handwriting across KS1 and KS2. In Year One, we have started with the formation of the letter ‘s’ and will focus on the formation of a new letter each week. In our handwriting sessions, the children are given the opportunity to practise the formation of the week’s focus letter, as well as writing words including the focus letter. The children have been given a ‘Cursive formation’ help sheet to take home: we would really appreciate you using this to support your children to practise the formation of the letters at home.   

We look forward to working with you this half term; if you have any queries or anything you wish to discuss, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Miss Jolland and Miss MacPhail J