Year 3 visit to Shimpling Park Farm

On Wednesday, Year 3 visited Shimpling Park Farm and what a fantastic day they all had! The children started the day with a carousel of activities which included planting their own wheat seeds, milling and sieving wheat, sorting different seeds and ordering the farming journey of wheat. Next, the children had a tour of the farm and visited the large grain store as well as the orchard. After eating their well-earned lunch, the children went to see the lambs which they were extremely excited about! Throughout the day, the children were polite, well-mannered and they showed elements of understanding and professional values which were noted by the staff at the farm. After a very fun-filled day where the children had learnt lots, they were ready for a sleep on the coach on the way home! 

Christmas Fun!

We have had a brilliant couple of weeks to end our Autumn term in Year 3! The children have enjoyed creating Christmas decorations, cards and dancing to Christmas songs at our Christmas party! We are also very excited about our Christmas jumper day, which will involve Christmas lunch, carols on the playground and a mini Christmas bazaar!

We will be starting swimming lessons with the years 3s in the New Year. These lessons will take place every Tuesday at the Leisure Centre and start on the 10th January. The children will need a full swimming costume (no bikinis), a towel and a swimming hat for these lessons.

As of January, we will also be banning pencil cases and any of the children’s personal stationery from the classrooms in year 3. This is due to items of stationery being swapped and lost and also due to pencil cases being too much of a distraction for some children. We hope you will support us in this.

We hope you all have a lovely Christmas break and look forward to seeing all of the children back at school in the New Year!

Miss Allin and Miss Lister

Year 3 - A day in the life of an Egyptian!
Wow, what a fantastic day all of Year 3 had for our Egyptian Day! The day was filled with lots of different exciting activities. The day began with a carousel of arts and crafts which included making canopic jars, scarab beetles, perfume cones, tomb paintings, amulets and the children were even involved in mummifying a mini figure.
Our Egyptian afternoon continued, starting with an introduction to various Egyptian stories and plays. The children were put into groups and were either performing an Egyptian play or creating an Egyptian dance with the accompaniment of musical instruments. After lots of practise, the children performed to the audience and the royal family which consisted of the Queen, the Pharaoh, the High Priestess and the chief taster (who had to taste the food and drink to ensure that the Queen or Pharaoh were not poisoned) Children were elected to be servants to serve spiced wine and sweetmeats to the audience at the royal court. The children really enjoyed their Egyptian banquet!
Lots of really positive comments were made throughout the day from both the children and the staff. In three words, the day would be described as enjoyable, engaging and memorable. 

Year 3 Egyptian Day

On Tuesday 1st November 2016, year 3 will be having an ‘Egyptian Day’ at school. Children are encouraged to dress up for this. There will be a workshop coming into school to run activities with the children. The cost of the workshop will be £6 per child (payable via Parent Pay).

The itinerary for the day will consist of children creating a variety of Egyptian artefacts including canopic jars, perfume cones and jewellery. The day will also involve indulging in an Egyptian banquet set at the Court.

We are very excited for this experience and think that is will really help bring the Egyptians to life for the children! 

Welcome back to school!

It has been great to see all of the children looking so smart in their school uniform. We hope you all had a lovely summer holiday!

Our project for this term is ‘Ancient Egypt’.

As part of our project, the children will be learning about Ancient Egyptian life including looking at mummification, the role of pyramids, gods and beliefs, pharaohs as rulers and burials.  Children will also be completing a range of art work which will be displayed in our annual art exhibition for all parents/guardians to view. After the success of last year’s art exhibition, we are very much looking forward to the children being able to share their work with you again!

Now that the children are in Year 3, they will either need to bring in their own snack or 50p to purchase something from the Snack Hut. The Snack Hut offers a variety of delicious treats including cheese straws, shortbread biscuits, pizza twists and many more. Please ensure that your child brings a water bottle with them every day. 

As always, please do let us know if you have any queries or concerns, we will be happy to help. If you would like to arrange a meeting, please do so at the School Reception.

From Miss Allin and Miss Lister