We have had a fantastic start back in Year 5 since October half term, and have been totally immersing ourselves in Science, History and Art. We are loving learning about the Ancient Greeks, and can’t wait to prepare our magnificent pieces for the Art Exhibition.

In science, we have been looking at different materials and changes. Before half term, we investigated how to make ice cream, and we made it in less that 5 minutes! (Without having to use a freezer!) In 5DG, the ice cream was delicious, but in 5MM, the salt that we used to keep the ice cold, accidentally got into the bag of ice cream, and made it really salty! As you can see from the photos, we didn't really enjoy ours!

This week we have planned our own investigations. Some of the questions we have developed include ‘Does the amount of caffeine affect the rate of evaporation?’, ‘What happens when we boil different liquids?’ and ‘Do fizzy or still drinks evaporate first?’. We will fill you in on what happens during our investigations when we have conducted our experiments!

Just a quick reminder-It is SO important that the children are coming in every day-especially as neither year 5 class have won the attendance cup yet! Please make sure you are coming into school every day on the lead up to Christmas- You won't want to miss our fun activites! :)

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