It has been a pleasure to welcome all the children into Year 6! We are really looking forward to the coming year, and we hope that the children will find Year 6 challenging, enriching, and fun!

Although there is always so much to do at the start of a school year, we are aiming to establish routines as soon as we can. We are extremely excited about our new project for this term, which is related to learning about ‘The Ancient Sumer’.

By the end of term the children will have created an art exhibition (for parents and carers) showcasing what they have learnt over the term.

Physical Education

We are fortunate to have specialist teachers to teach Year 6 for Physical Education (PE), which will enhance their learning in these areas. PE is on Friday afternoons and we ask that all children bring their full Place Farm PE kits to change in to after lunchtime. With the children being in Year 6 it is important that they model good expectations to the rest of the school.


Please ensure your child completes their homework and practices their spellings every week. In addition to this, your child should be reading every day and regularly discussing the text and vocabulary used. It would be great if you could sign the children’s planners weekly although it is the children’s responsibility to ask you to do this. Furthermore, please encourage your child to take responsibility for their planners and reading books. There is a cost to replace them and an expectation that your child has them each day, to maintain communication all year round.

Mr Wade and Miss Pilsworth