As part of our learning, in English this week, we have been redrafting our descriptive writing and Non- Chronological reports that we completed earlier in the term. Additionally, we have worked with partners and groups to edit our writing and use peer feedback to help us to develop as mature writers. This has proved to be incredibly beneficial and it has helped the children to ask questions about their learning and rectify any misconceptions they might have in relation to the writing assessment framework. In Maths, the children have been learning the skill of using a calculator. The children have been tackling how to use and apply calculators to complex calculations ready for secondary school when this skill is imperative. Finally, we have learnt about different African masks and their designs. The children have sketched and perfected an African mask, in their sketch books, ready to create a real life mask next week in Design and Technology. 
Mrs Soar and Mr Wade
Welcome back! We hope you have had a restful and enjoyable Easter holiday. It has been wonderful to see all of the children return refreshed and with such enthusiasm ahead of the SATs in three weeks’ time. It was also fantastic to see so many of the children attend the Easter holidays revision sessions: thank you so much for your support in encouraging your child to come in to school, during their Easter holiday break. We are also very impressed that they have completed so much of their home learning tasks.
As part of our learning, in English this week, we have been planning and writing a descriptive piece of writing using The BFG as a stimulus. The children have watched the trailer to the recent film and have planned a piece of writing, describing the opening and the journey Sophie takes to ‘Giant’ country. Additionally, we have looked at several reading and Grammar Punctuation and Spelling (GPS) papers and have been closely identifying and plugging the children’s gaps in their learning. This has proved to be incredibly beneficial, and it has helped the children to ask questions about their learning and rectify any misconceptions they might have. In Maths, the children have been practising Arithmetic test techniques and building stamina. The children are becoming much quicker at using their four rules of number to calculate complex calculations. Furthermore, the children have also learnt how to draw and recognise perpendicular and parallel lines. Finally, we have launched our new topic related to learning about Africa!
Mr T. Wade and Mrs E. Soar

Year 6


We cannot express how PROUD we are of the children for their excellent air raid and Anderson shelters that they have created through their home learning over the past two weeks. They are decorating our corridors, class rooms and studio and we cannot thank you enough for all of the hard work that has gone in to making them all. As part of our learning, in English this week, we have been innovating and writing a persuasive letter. The children have been looking at several different language features and have been using them as part of their writing to help them to innovate and write persuasively. Additionally, the children have returned to looking at writing descriptively and have looked at a setting picture and have planned and written descriptively as part of Big Write. In Maths learning this week, the children have been tackling a complex Mathematics assessment. The children have persevered with difficult Mathematics questions varying from: ratio, algebra and multiplication to name a few. Furthermore, the children have been looking at sorting data in to Venn diagrams and organising data in to line graphs.




We cannot believe how quickly the term has gone! The children have continued to work hard, since the Art Exhibition, and we have achieved so much!

In Maths, we have been exploring fractions and area and perimeter. This has included rectangles, triangles and parallelograms. Furthermore, the children have started to practice their test technique. In English lessons, we have built on skills we learnt in the first half term related to writing detailed setting descriptions and story writing. Additionally, the children are starting to use cohesive devices to make their writing more fluent and in doing so are interesting the reader. 

Next half term, we are starting a new topic related to World War Two. This topic endevaours to help give the children an engaging and accurate understanding of the events that took part during the 1940's. This topic has proved to be a real success in the past and we hope to inspire the children next term!

We would also like to congratulate Miss Beal on the completion of her training at Place Farm Primary Academy. She has inspired the children and been an assest to the schol and year 6 team.  Nevertheless, we are pleased that she will continue to join us on a Friday in Year 6! 

We hope you have a restful break and we will see you all in the New Year! 


Mrs Soar, Mr Wade and Miss Beal