Comic Relief

This morning we all arrived at school dressed for bed wearing onesies and pyjamas in an array of colours and styles! It could only be Red Nose Day. What an exciting morning we had, taking part in guess the teacher competition, design a red nose, baking and decorating red nose cakes and challenging each other to beat the clock with games online. The children appreciated that as we were enjoying a fun packed morning there was a serious side and understood that not all children have what they have in their lives.

Mrs. Shaw


Science week in Rainbow Class


In the Rainbow class, to mark science week, we have been looking at changes all around us. We mixed jelly powders with boiling water creating red and yellow liquid and then mixed them together discovering, as they swirled in the bowls, they made an orange liquid. We all estimated that the liquid will have set into a solid for us to enjoy tomorrow. In the afternoon we squirted two primary colour paints into a sealed bag and swirled the paints together watching them transform and change into another colour, great fun and no messy fingers! We also discovered an exciting change outside in the garden, the frogs have returned and have laid spawn, heralding the start of spring.  



Pancake day

Last week the Rainbow Class discovered all about Shrove Tuesday and where the tradition of making, eating and racing with pancakes came from. We all enjoyed the pancakes with different fillings, chocolate being a favourite! Then we made our way to the playground with the leftover pancakes and frying pans to partake in an extremely funny pancake race.






Spring Term 2017


Wow! We are straight back into another full term. This week in the Rainbow Class we have taken part in the RSPB's Big School Bird Watch. The children have been very busy all week with activities. First we created bird feeders from recycled bottles and studded apples with seeds. Then we spent two, cold and frosty, sessions outside completing the bird count around the school grounds. Next all the data was collated ready to input online and finally this morning we treated ourselves to some baking! Mud and worm cake ( chocolate krispies and starwberry laces) and chocolate bird nests. The children engaged in all the activities with their usual enthusiasum and demonstrated the PROUD values throughout.

Mrs. Shaw

Mrs. Cutts








Making Christingles

Today in the Rainbow Class we discussed and thought about Christmas and the traditions associated with the celebration. The children all followed instructions through story telling to create their own Christingle. 

To make your own Christingle you will need:

1 orange,

1 strip of red ribbon,

4 cocktail sticks,

12 small sweets,

1 small piece of foil,

1 small candle

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy holiday and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Cutts